Innovating Building Exterior Manufacturing Industry

BIM Software for Building Exterior Manufacturers

A model-based workflow with CADCRAFT software minimizes costly surprises and waste, improves efficiency and quality, and ensures that the correct, error-free elements are delivered in the right place at the time.

Deep learning Based Drawing Analytics Technology

No more manual analysis by visual work with human eye. The CADCRAFT’s drawing analytics technology provides automation of drawing analysis. This artificial intelligence system has delicately coordinated to CAD drawings by pre-learning process. Over thousands of times of learning process of drawings, CADCRAFT is the most advanced automation tool for building envelop manufacturers.

Project Management

Organize project information on the fly, you can effectively customize project information according to project needs. Upload the CAD drawings, set up the work members, schedule, products, materials and sections and ready to go.

Estimation and Bidding

With CADCRAFT you can optimize the estimation and bidding workflow. Because the software automates CAD drawing analysis and allows accurate estimation with less human errors clients can win more bids and increasing profits. Not only estimation but also cost calculation is available at the same time so the clients can evaluate business feasibility.

Change Management and Detailing

CADCRAFT makes it easier than ever to collaborate on a single project, sharing the modeling workload. The CADCRAFT model is always at your fingertips: anytime, anywhere and always up-to-date. Everyone in the project can access, create and update information simultaneously.

Product and Material Management

Clients can manage any materials to service database, including provider information, price, speculation and BOM information for fabrication.

Material Ordering and Inventory Management

CADCRAFT model also provides cutting loss calculation for frame materials. So the clients can get the optimized ordering plan. Also the new ordering list can be connected to inventory management system allowing clients manage the overall asset effectively.